review policy

what i accept: i am definitely open to accepting books for review anytime! whether you’re self-published or using an indie publisher, anything is okay. i’m also open to book tours, giveaways, author interviews, and probably anything else you can think of.

i can take ebooks (ibooks or kindle), but i would prefer physical copies.

preferences: i strongly prefer YA in any genre, especially fantasy. however, i’ll read almost anything, as long as it’s not too graphic (ex. graphic scenes involving sex, murder, rape, etc).

time: please allow 2-4 weeks for me to read the book and review it. usually, it won’t take too long. however, there may be a longer wait for reviews on ebooks.

rating system:

5 – absolutely amazing, i loved it!

4 – pretty good but not AMAZING.

3 – not terrible, but not a particularly enjoyable read.

2 – bad. would not recommend.

1 – absolutely terrible.