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heritage review

heritage by addie hunter (transcend, book 1)

overall rating: 3.4/5

characters: 3

relationships: 3.5

plot: 3.5

writing: 3.5

genre: YA, fantasy


Arhaus, Nevada is a small town on I-70 that currently has more superheroes than trees. After an accident in the summer of 2012, six teens gain superhuman abilities and quickly decide to put them to good use and become heroes in a world that’s since lost its good opinion of people with abilities. As if that weren’t enough trouble trying to keep their powers hidden from their friends and family, they’re going into their senior year of high school. Strange symbols begin appearing all around town, a new kid moves in, someone threatens to bomb the news building, and Dave still can’t find a date to his senior homecoming. Blaise hopes that they can figure out who keeps setting all these fires, and Kat just wants to graduate in one piece.

*i received this book in exchange for an honest review*

my thoughts:

the synopsis sounds pretty interesting—a couple of normal teenagers with random superpowers—but i think the execution could have been a lot better.

the characters are okay, but there are just so many, and they all seem too important. it’s hard to tell which ones are main characters and which ones are side characters, since they all receive a lot of page time. unfortunately, this results in not-so-thorough character development. one thing i did like about the characters is that they seem pretty realistic; i feel like the characters’ actions and dialogue are a lot more real than some other books. however, i was pretty confused by the characters’ relationships. they’re all connected, but it was hard for me to tell who likes who, who’s just friends, etc. i liked the friendships, but some of the romance seemed unnecessary.

the plot kept my attention pretty well. it wasn’t super exciting, but the pacing was good for the most part. the ending did feel rushed, though, and there are some random/unnecessary events. i wish there was more of a backstory, since i still have no idea how the characters actually got their superpowers (maybe this will be explained later on?). there’s also a prologue, but it doesn’t feel connected to the rest of the book. i kept waiting for an explanation of the prologue and never got anything. i’m guessing things will get there eventually, but it feels strange to have the prologue completely disconnected from the first book. also, the title and cover don’t really seem to relate to the story, so i’m confused about that as well.

the writing itself isn’t bad, and again, i appreciated the realistic dialogue (although the swearing is pretty excessive).

overall, heritage was a decently enjoyable read with an interesting premise, but i don’t think i’ll be continuing with the series.

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have you read this? what did you think?


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