book photography · wrap-up

april wrap-up


this month has been pretty crazy! it started off super chill with spring break, then really ramped up and now it’s already ap testing. i’ve been pretty busy lately, and i’ve also been feeling kinda meh since i’ve had a few problems with some of my friends.


yay for spring break! i got a pretty decent amount of reading done and finally finished rereading harry potter. i also reread the winner’s trilogy and some other books i had to review. i still haven’t gotten to caraval and eos (oops), even though they’ve been on my tbr for so long.

-harry potter and the deathly hallows (4.5/5)

-the winner’s curse (4.5/5)

-the winner’s crime (4.5/5)

-the winner’s kiss (4.5/5)

-paper hearts (review) (4/5)

-the things they carried (4/5)

-heritage (still need to post my review oops) (3.5/5)

-we know it was you (3/5)

overall, not a bad month for reading. my favorite thing i read in april was definitely the winner’s trilogy!


i ordered a book sleeve from bookbubbie and omg it’s so cute! i haven’t used it too much yet since a lot of my books are hardcovers, but i’m seriously in love with it.

i didn’t buy any books this month but got owlcrate, and i’m pretty happy with this month’s box! (i’ll post an unboxing soon…?)


i just realized how many things i need to post aghhhh

i’ll probably post the short story i wrote sometime later this month aha

my novel’s going okay, but i haven’t had a lot of time to work on it because of ap testing and everything. honestly, school’s pretty stressful, but my ap tests haven’t been TOO bad so far.

social media

i really need to work harder at being active on tumblr and wordpress, but i finally posted my tumblr 3k follower giveaway! it ends in a few weeks, so enter here ๐Ÿ™‚

my plans for wordpress: i’ll post my heritage review sometime this week (hopefully), then my owlcrate unboxing next week, then maybe my short story?

overall, this month felt soo long, and i’m really glad it’s over. i’ve been feeling pretty tired from all the friend drama and schoolwork, but things have gotten better with my friends at least. i just have to power through one more month of school and i’ll be free! i’m super excited for the summer because i’ll be taking college classes with some of my friends, and it’ll be a lot of work for sure but also a lot of fun.

thanks for reading! how was your month? since summer’s coming up really soon, what are your plans?


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