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march wrap-up

hey everyone! i seriously cannot believe that march is already over… where is all the time going?? as you can probably tell, i’ve been busy(/lazy), but i promise i’m trying to manage my time better. i’m just kinda swamped with school and tests and extracurriculars, so i haven’t had much time to devote to my blog… i can’t promise that april and may will be much better, with ap tests and finals coming up, but i’m really hoping that i’ll be able to post a lot more during summer!


this is probably my best month for reading this year, but that’s really not saying much, since the last two months were pretty bad (oops). anyway, i finished five books in march!

enchanters (4/5)

the great gatsby (4/5)

harry potter and the order of the phoenix (4/5)

harry potter and the half-blood prince (4.5/5)

harry potter and the deathly hallows (4.5/5)

my favorite this month was the half-blood prince, and i’m so excited to finally be done with my reread of hp (tbh it took wayyy too long). i’ll be posting my enchanters review soon, so look for that!

my tbr for april includes empire of storms, caraval, by your side, and paper hearts! i also want to reread either the winner’s trilogy or six of crows, if i have time.


i didn’t actually buy any books this month… well, i ordered one on amazon, but it still hasn’t come, so does that really count? anyway, i got three books from my friends for my birthday, and i love them so much!

i also ordered a few candles from wick and fable. the labels are gorgeous, but i haven’t burned them yet, so i don’t know exactly how they smell when they’re burning.


i finished my short story, and i’ll post it here if anyone wants me to? just tell me in the comments! also, i FINALLY started working on my novel again and it feels so great!

social media

i’ve been pretty inactive on my tumblr and wordpress, but my instagram has been really active! surprisingly (and disappointingly), my follower count on instagram has barely changed. i know follower count isn’t the most important thing, but it does matter to me.


i’m not doing super well at working out and eating healthy, but i have been walking to school a lot more! i actually lost a few pounds, but then gained some back (oops).


i’m super thankful for my friends and everyone else around me! my birthday was this month (march 19), and i had a great time with all my friends.


tomorrow with you

i finally finished this drama and ahhhh i loved it so much! i cried a lot at the end, but i think the ending was pretty satisfying.


still working my way through this drama, but i’m really enjoying it! i love all the characters and their relationships.

that’s what i like

i’m SO obsessed with this song omg. it’s just so catchy! i listened to it sooo many times this month.

harry potter

even though it took a longggg time, it was super fun rereading harry potter! i’d honestly forgotten a lot of events and important things, so it was nice to refresh my memory.


specifically, the melting library’s bite and sting candle! this candle is literally my favorite thing EVER; it smells seriously amazing!

that’s all for my march wrap-up and favorites! this month, you should be seeing 1-2 reviews, an unboxing, and whatever else i can think of.

thanks for reading!


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