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february litjoy unboxing

okay, so this is kinda super late (oops) but i’m finally showing you guys the february litjoy crate! i only subscribed this month to try it out, since i’ve had my eye on litjoy for a long time.

let’s get into the box! february’s theme was fire and ice.

when the box came, it was pretty beat up (everything inside was fine though). i really love the design of the box, both inside and outside!

litjoy recently started doing this super cool thing where they feature a different artist every month! february’s featured artist was jenna paddey, who did this amazing piece of art for the book included in the box.

jenna also did this beautiful print for the book! i really love her art style, and this piece is so well done.

the next item was this nerdy cat watch, which is cute, but i really wish i’d gotten a different color band. i’ll definitely be using this watch in pictures though!

definitely my favorite item in the box! this lowlands candle from in the wick of time is chai amber scented, and i really like the scent. i love candles sooo much, and this is probably one of the biggest reasons i decided to order this box!

these bath salts from literary apothecary sound really nice, except…i don’t take baths, so i’m not really sure what i’ll do with these.

finally, the book: february’s book was the edge of everything by jeff giles, and it sounds pretty amazing! there’s elements of fantasy, action, and romance (basically everything i want in a book). i’m excited to read this, but i have no idea when i’ll get to it…

the thing i like about litjoy is that all the items are related to the book in some way. other book boxes have theme-based items, so you might get items from different fandoms, but this way, everything is just from one! however, a lot of the items aren’t things i normally use, so i won’t be getting march’s box.

overall, i like litjoy, but probably won’t be subscring long term.

if you’re interested in litjoy crate, march’s theme is galactic pirates. there are still a few left, so act quickly!

thanks for reading!


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