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february wrap-up

hey everyone! i’m back with another wrap-up, and wow, it’s been a while since i’ve posted anything (oops).


this month has been pretty busy. i haven’t had TOO much schoolwork, but i don’t exactly have a light workload, as a high school junior (ugh). i’ve been working on applications for summer programs, which is also kinda preparation for when i actually have to apply to colleges (i’m so stressed about that). even though i haven’t had a ton of time to relax and read, the month has been okay overall.


with more and more amazing books releasing every month, there are SO many books that i want to read (right now, i’m dying to read caraval!), but i have no time…

i received a few ebooks to read this month, which is pretty awesome! i’ve already writter a review for melody’s key, and i’ve just started enchanters, which is okay so far. my next read will be paper hearts, which i’m pretty excited for! i’ve read one other book by the author (ali novak) and really enjoyed it, so i have pretty high expectations.

as for reading this month… i only finished three books. THREE!

-harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban (4/5)

melody’s key (4/5)

-harry potter and the goblet of fire (4.5/5)


i haven’t bought any books in a while, since i just don’t have space for them, but i recently caved and bought the darkest minds series in hardcover because they were just so pretty ❤️

i also got two subscription boxes this month. i really liked this month’s owlcrate, and i also tried out litjoy crate (unboxings coming soon!).


i’m still working on the same short story i started last month, and i’ve written a bit of poetry, but i’ve barely touched my novel. i REALLY really need to get into gear and edit like crazy if i want to finish anytime soon.

social media

i finally reached 3000 followers on tumblr, which i’m super happy about! i’m planning on having a giveaway soon (when i can find the time to plan it all out), so maybe sure to follow me there!

i’ve also been steadily gaining followers on instagram and wordpress, and i’ll TRY to be more active, but no promises (since it’ll probably only get busier from here on, if i’m honest).


i’ve been eating decently healthier (lots less junk food!) and exercising a bit more by walking to school more, etc, but i feel like none of it is making a difference. it’s a bit discouraging, but i’ll keep trying and see if i get any results.

i finally made up with my best friends, and i’m really thankful for the support from other friends during that time. really, i’m just grateful to everyone who’s helped or supported me in any way. ❤️


i haven’t watched many korean dramas, but i’ve been obsessed with a new one called tomorrow with you! do any of you watch kdramas?

in terms of music, i’ve been LOVING dean, especially his song bonnie and clyde! also, bts (my favorite kpop group and the only one i follow tbh) had a comeback this month and i’m totally obsessed with their new songs, spring day and not today!

a few other artists i’ve been really liking are sam kim and crush! i normally don’t listen to a ton of kpop/k-indie, but this month, i’ve just been listening to korean artists nonstop.

all in all, this month hasn’t been bad at all, and i’m hoping march (my birthday month) will be even better!


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