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january wrap-up + favorites


hey everyone, i’m updating these monthly wrap-ups a bit! i’ll be talking about my life in general, in addition to books. i’ll also share with you my monthly favorites (just anything i’ve been enjoying).

first of all, i’ve barely been reading and it SUCKS. i don’t know why, but it feels like i have no time to read these days. even though it’s only the beginning of the semester, i have a lot of homework (or maybe i’m just procrastinating too much?). also, i know i haven’t really been posting much on wordpress, but i’ll work on that! recently, there’s been some drama between my friends and me, and we’ve been fighting/arguing a lot. however, things are starting to turn up, and i really hope we can fix things soon.

overall, january hasn’t been amazing, but it also wasn’t the worst start to a new year.


i only read four books this month, and two of them were for school. i’ve been using this planner from uppercase to track my reading, and i love it!

harry potter and the chamber of secrets by j.k. rowling (4.5/5)

adventures of huckleberry finn by mark twain (4/5)

emotions by arnulfo cantarero (3/5)

-sent to me for review! i’ll try to post one this saturday, or by the end of next week at the latest.

heart of darkness by joseph conrad (3.25/5)

my favorite this month would have to be chamber of secrets! for next month, i’m planning to continue rereading harry potter, and i also really want to read empire of storms (i know, i’m soooo late).


not much progress on my novel, but i wrote a short story that i really really like! i’m still editing, but i love how it’s going. for any writers, do you have advice on editing (especially for novels)?


i’ve been trying to eat healthier this year (it’s one of my goals/resolutions for 2017) by eating less junk food. it’s been going okay, but i always either eat too many carbs or too much fat. i’m doing okay at not overeating at least, but if you have any tips, i’d love to hear them!

i’m also trying to exercise more. i want to walk to school every day, but it’s so hard to wake up early… (another goal: better sleeping schedule) i’ve also been trying some different workouts, and i’m really liking joanna soh’s kickboxing workouts on youtube! i’m SUPER unfit, but i think they’re effective without being too difficult.




into you by ariana grande

-i CANNOT get this song out of my head; it’s super catchy and i love everything about it! ariana grande is actually one of my favorite artists, and i like almost all her songs.

shape of you by ed sheeran

-i hear this song everywhere omg, and all the musicians i follow on youtube have been covering it! i love the tune and the beat, and i hope i don’t get tired of it soon, because i really like it!

already there by casting crowns

-one of my favorite music genres is actually christian/worship music! casting crowns is such a good band (broken together is another one of my favorites), and i really want to listen to some more of their songs. already there is so inspiring, and i love the melody.

-flower by subin

i’ve also been listening to a bit of k-indie, which i actually think i like more than k-pop! i found flower in a playlist on youtube and fell in love with it right away. i’ll definitely continue exploring different k-indie artists!


oh man, i LOVE webtoons so so much. a lot of them don’t know what they are, but they’re basically webcomics (kinda like manga). the cool thing is that instead of flipping through pages, you scroll.

i love so so so many webtoons, but here are some i discovered in january!

the stories of those around me

-this one is actually really old, but i reread it this month and i still love it sooo much. it’s super cute and sad at the same time, but basically it just feels so real.

under the aegis

-GUYS. OKAY I LOVE THIS WEBTOON SO MUCH. i randomly found it this month and could not stop reading. everything, EVERYTHING, about it is just amazing—the art, the story, the world-building, the characters. i just think everyone needs to read this.


-this one is actually from the discover section of webtoon, but it’s just as good as (and even better than) some of the featured comics. the art is so beautiful, and the dynamic between the characters is just so interesting. there’s also an air of mystery that i love, and i’m so curious about what happens!

dear boy

-this one is also from discover, but the art and the characters are so cute! this one is a lot more fluffy than the others, so if that’s what you’re looking for, definitely check it out!


-this one isn’t something i’d usually read. it’s full of action and ghosts and creepiness, but it’s sooo addicting. i literally couldn’t stop reading it! if you’re into supernatural stuff, i’d recommend this comic.

so that wraps up my month and my favorites, and i’m really liking this updated format. what were your favorites in january?

thanks for reading!


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