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bookshelf tour

hey guys! it’s finally time to show you my bookshelves, since it’s been a while since i’ve taken pictures of all the shelves (not sure if i’ve even ever posted them here!). it hasn’t changed too much since the last time i rearranged thingsβ€”i’ve gotten some more books and gotten rid of some others (painfully).

in my room, i have three bookshelves.

this one has four shelves (one’s cut off), and it’s roughly organized by color. these are all my standalones, or if i only have one book of a series.

the first shelf is black books (i have a lot of black/dark colored books), and they’re loosely grouped together by size. i just realized, quite a few of these are from owlcrate: heartless, three dark crowns, this savage song, my lady jane, and of fire and stars. and guess what? i’ve read approximately…none of them (oops). one of my biggest problems with buying books is that i always take forever to read them.

the next shelf is purples and blues, and i know it doesn’t transition SUPER well, but i love the colors! (i’m looking at this and again realizing how many of them i haven’t read haha)

this is probably my favorite rainbow shelf! i loveee the transition from light blue to yellow, and i also love that almost all of the books are the same height (it’s so satisfying).

the last shelf on this bookshelf! this is red to pink, and although the heights are super uneven, i really like the colors here too!

next up is this hugeeee five-shelf bookshelf (it also has wider shelves, which is awesome). this is all my series, and it’s in alphabetical order…somewhat.

this is supposed to be authors a-c, with the addition of f, j, and…l (yes i know it’s totally out of order lol). it’s just that those books/authors don’t fit anywhere else, oops.

this shelf has all my cassandra clare books! it’s pretty random, and i realize that most of them don’t match (it bothers me but not TOO much). i think it looks okay overall?

this shelf is completely all over the alphabet (m, h, r, w, k, s), but again, they didn’t really fit anywhere else.

this is probably my overall favorite shelf! this is also the biggest change from my previous set-up. before, my harry potter books were in the smallest bookshelf, but i had to move them here after i got my new set of harry potter books. i’m missing book 6 in hardcover and book 7 in paperback, so i’ll have to get those somewhere, but i love this shelf so much! i also really want to get the screenplay for fantastic beasts!

here’s the last shelf in this bookshelf, with my sarah j. maas books, the lunar chronicles, and my rick riordan books. snow like ashes and ice like fire are kinda just thrown in there. tbh, i have absolutely no idea what i’m going to do when i get the rest of the throne of glass books…

finally, here’s my last bookshelf! this one only has three shelves, but they’re also wider than the first bookshelf. this bookshelf basically just has everything else, and it’s pretty random.

the first shelf is white-ish books (i kinda tried to do a rainbow) because i ran out of space in the rainbow bookshelf. so this is just randomly here lol

this shelf has all my manga and graphic novels! i want more… for some reason, i really love collecting manga (i love the art so much!). also, the infernal devices in manga version is beautiful and you all need to read it.

finally, here’s my last shelf! this has assorted classics, along with a few nonfiction books (yeah…i don’t have a lot). tbh i almost never touch this shelf, but at least it looks pretty? (i’m terrible, i know.)

so that wraps up my (long overdue) bookshelf tour! hope you guys enjoyed it, and thanks for reading! if you have any suggestions for future posts, i’d love to hear them πŸ™‚


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