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december owlcrate unboxing

hey everyone! this is a bit late, but here’s my december owlcrate unboxing. my friend came over to help me show off this month’s items, so i have some different pictures this time!

december’s theme was epic, with items inspired by game of thrones, harry potter, and lord of the rings!

the first item was a harry potter mystery mini funko pop! i got fang, which was slightly disappointing, but i guess i’m just not lucky haha 

next is this pack of game of thrones coasters from dark horse comics. i’ve never read or watched game of thrones, but these seem really nice!

this pin from jane mount (ideal bookshelf) is sooo cute, even though i haven’t read/watched this series either. okay, but just look at this pin!

this narnia inspired card from susanne draws is so pretty; i just love her art! (the harry potter print in the background from  august’s owlcrate is also by susanne.)

the last item was this beautiful sticker inspired by a darker shade of magic. i’ve been wanting to read this book forever, but maybe i’ll finally get to it in 2017?

finally, the book! this month’s book was of fire and stars by audrey coulthurst, and it looks and sounds amazing! i’m really excited to read this, but honestly, i probably won’t get to it anytime soon (oops).

here’s everything together! honestly, this wasn’t my favorite box, but i still liked all of the items inside. i do think it could’ve been better, especially with the “epic” theme.

next month’s theme is classic twist, and i’m not a huge fan of classics, so i decided to skip january’s box. i feel like i’ll regret it, since this month is supposed to have a lot of great items, but if you’re interested, subscribe here!

thanks for reading!


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