book photography · wrap-up

december / 2016 wrap-up

another month is gone, and not much has happened, to be honest. but wow, i can’t believe 2016 is over. for me personally, 2016’s been okay. i’ve had ups and downs, but recently it’s definitely been more up. i experienced a lot this year: i went to new york for the first time, i went to a writing camp at stanford, and i finished writing a book (the first draft, at least)! most importantly, i’ve discovered  my real friends this year. i’ve made and strengthened friendships that are most important to me, and i’m so happy to know so many amazing people. although this year hasn’t been the best year for the world, it’s been a pretty good year for me.


like last month, i didn’t get much reading done, but the few books that i read were all really good! i still need to write a review for crooked kingdom, but it was definitely one of my favorite books this year!

my heart and other black holes (4/5)

the midnight star (4.5/5)

crooked kingdom (5/5)

harry potter and the sorcerer’s stone (4.5/5)


i bought way too many books this month, oops! i placed two orders with bookoutlet (one of my favorite online stores for books), and here’s what i got! i’m so obsessed with this harry potter set; isn’t it beautiful?


i’m still working on editing my novel, which is honestly taking way longer than i had expected. i did write/edit several poems and stories for a writing competition earlier this month at least, and i’m really happy with them! i might post some later if you guys are interested.

next year

in 2016, i definitely want to write a lot more. i say that every month, but i’m seriously planning to finish editing my novel this year! i also hope to read more and buy fewer books (and other things) because i’ve been spending way too much money recently. although i want to post more on my blog, i don’t know if i’ll have time because school will only get busier from here… at least i’ve been posting a lot more on my instagram and tumblr, so please check those out!

one new thing that i’ve been wanting to try is vlogging! i’ve been experimenting while visiting a few different places during break, but i’m not sure if i’ll be able to vlog regularly. we’ll see how that turns out!

thanks for reading, and here’s to 2017!


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