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secret santa unboxing

hi everyone! i’m back with another unboxing, and this time it’s not a subscription box (which is obvious if you’ve read the title). i’ll be showing you what i got in an exchange with an online group!

just to be clear, this exchange was not sponsored by owlcrate. it’s just in a group of people who love owlcrate! (join the owlcrate society on facebook if you’re interested.)

first things first: one of the things owlcrate always has is a postcard that describes each item. my secret santa did the same thing and included a card with all the descriptions!

okay, so the first item in the box was this cute snowflake ornament! my family doesn’t actually get a christmas tree every year, so i just hung it up in my room.

my secret santa also sent me a box of chocolate, which is amazing! peppermint bark is my favorite type of chocolate haha, especially during the holidays.

i told her that i liked jewelry, so she sent me a few bracelets from pura vida. she also sent me some earrings, but i actually don’t have my ears pierced (oops).

these rhysand wax melts from in the wick of time smell amazing!  unfortunately, i don’t have a wax warmer, so i’m not too sure what i’ll do with these.

although i didn’t tell her that i liked stationery, she sent me a cute cupcake notebook!

finally, the book she sent me was let’s get lost by adi alsaid. i’ve actually read this book before, but i really enjoyed it! also, i didn’t have my own copy, so this was great. if you haven’t read this book, i’d definitely recommend it!

here’s everything together. this was my first time doing an exchange with a secret santa group online, as well as my first time doing a secret santa without a wishlist. i really enjoyed the exchange, and i can’t wait until christmas next year! 

thanks for reading, and merry christmas! 


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