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november owlcrate unboxing

it’s finally time to show you guys my owlcrate unboxing! i was so, so excited for this box since i had a pretty good idea of what the book was, and it’s by one of my favorite authors! also, this month’s owlcrate included an EXCLUSIVE cover for the book, which is honestly the coolest thing ever.

this month’s theme was wonderland! i decided to put together a stop-motion type video (just to try it out). this is my first time doing this, but i think it turned out okay!

so let’s get into some of the details…

first up is this beautiful tin of teas from riddle’s tea shoppe and adagio! i don’t usually drink tea, but these smell incredible!

we also got this super cute magnet from evie bookish. the design is so beautiful, and i can’t wait to stick it on my fridge!

i was so excited when i pulled this out: the original alice’s adventures in wonderland from rock paper books! this beautiful book and bookmark were designed by risa rodil. i actually have never read the original, so this is awesome!

next, the matching pin for the postcard. these pins are just so cute, and i love that they’ve started adding these!

the last item (before the book) is this beautiful bookmark from authored adornments. i’ve always wanted something from this shop, since all of their products are so beautiful! and this bookmark is definitely so pretty ๐Ÿ˜ 

finally, the book! this month’s book is heartless by marissa meyer, a book that’s been on my tbr for a long time. i’m a huge fan of her lunar chronicles series, so i have high hopes for this! it came with a letter from marissa and a quote card.

putting everything together…

i’m super satisfied with this month’s owlcrate, and i think all of the items they included were amazing! my favorites are probably the bookmark from aturhored adornments and the original alice in wonderland. if you like this month’s box, hurry and subscribe for december! 

december’s theme is epic, and it’s going to include an epic book. there’s going to be a game of thrones inspired item from dark horse, so you can subscribe here!

thanks for reading!


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