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update + book photography

hey everyone, i’m so sorry. you may not have noticed, but it’s been a while since i’ve posted anything. this keeps happening, because i always end up falling into a slump. no, i’m always in the slump, no matter what it comes to. but in the context of this blog, i’ve really been slacking in terms of reading, writing book reviews, and writing blog posts. so i decided that between book reviews (which are tiring to write), i’ll just post a few book photos so there’s at least some content! but if you have any ideas for blog posts, i’d love to hear them. 

here’s the mini photoshoot i did for awaken when i was trying to get a picture for the review! some of these were in that post, but here are the rest.

the first two were taken with the snapchat filter (i don’t remember how i got the idea, but i love how it turned out!). also, i just love fairy lights so much! they’re such an easy way to make a photo look ~aesthetic~.

although there’s not much to wrap up, i’ll be posting my november wrap-up in a few days. you can also expect another photography post, an owlcrate unboxing, and a review for the unexpected everything (which i still have to make myself write).

thank you all for reading, especially this post! it really means a lot, and i’ll really try to post more. thanks to everyone who’s stuck with me even when i’m inactive. ❤️ 


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