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october wrap-up

to be honest, i can’t believe it’s already november. i feel like october flew by this year, maybe because i’ve been pretty busy with school and everything. unfortunately, i didn’t get too much reading done this month, and i actually bought/received more books than i read…


an ember in the ashes (4.5/5)

a torch against the night (4/5)

this lullaby (3.5/5)

under rose-tainted skies (4/5)

everything that makes you (4.5/5)

i only reviewed an ember in the ashes, but i may write a review for everything that makes you if i have time, since i did enjoy it! however, an ember in the ashes was definitely my favorite book this month, and i enjoyed a torch against the night as well. i’m curious as to what will happen to all the characters in the next book!


i received two books for review this month (which i’m super super psyched about!). return of the continuums is from turner publishing, and awaken is directly from the author and her assistant. thanks to both of these amazing people/groups!

i’ll be reading awaken soon, so you can definitely expect a review for that within the next few weeks!

i also ordered a few books from amazon. these three are definitely my three most anticipated new releases (even though they aren’t so new anymore… yes, i know i’m behind!). i’m super excited to read these; hopefully i’ll get to them in november!

finally, i ordered a few books from bookoutlet because they were having an awesome sale and i couldn’t resist! i’ve already read stars above and second chance summer, but the others all seem amazing, so i’m excited to read them (eventually).


i’ve been working on a short story for a literary club at school, and it’s tough, but i’m happy to be writing again! i’m also chipping away at editing my novel, which is taking a lot longer than i expected. hopefully, since november is nanowrimo, i’ll be motivated to step up my game and finish quickly!

next month

i don’t have too much planned for november, so i’m really hoping that i’ll be able to get more reading and writing done. i also definitely want to take more book photos, which i haven’t had much time for recently, and be more active on instagram, tumblr, and wordpress. there will definitely be reviews coming soon, so watch out for those!

thanks for reading!


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