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october owlcrate unboxing

hey everyone! sorry i’ve been so inactive these days; life and school have kept me pretty busy. i’ll hopefully be able to post another review or two next week, and i’ll try to post more frequently in general!

today i’ll be sharing my owlcrate unboxing! october’s theme was once upon a dream, and we got lots of cool items, as well as a beautiful book that sounds amazing!

i always LOVE the teaser cards from the previous boxes, so i took a picture of it for this unboxing!

and here’s the postcard for october, plus a cute pin. i love that they’ve started including pins that match the postcards since september, and i hope they continue! i love collecting pins haha but i don’t have enough places to put them.

the first item that owlcrate hinted at is this SUPER SOFT beanie from whosits and whatsits. i don’t really wear beanies, but i love this material so much, and the peter pan design is super cute.

owlcrate also included an exclusive bangle bracelet from the geeky cauldron. these charms are so cute, and this bracelet fits the theme so well.

this is definitely my favorite item from this month’s owlcrate! this super cute button bookmark is from my heart my tribe. i absolutely love floral patterns and i always need more bookmarks, so this is perfect!

the last extra item is this passport journal from the unemployed philosopher’s guild. the details inside are so cute!

last but not least, here’s the book of the month: vassa in the night by sarah porter! it’s about a girl and her magical doll as they work in an enchanted convenience store in an alternate version of brooklyn, and it definitely sounds pretty dreamlike (or possibly nightmarish?). the book also came with a letter, tattoo, and signed bookplate (which is SO pretty).

here’s a picture of everything together! i have to admit that this isn’t my favorite box from owlcrate (neither was the last one), but i know they’re still amazing. honestly, the boxes are somewhat hit or miss for meβ€”either i love them, or i don’t.

i’m really excited for next month’s owlcrate, despite not loving the past few. the theme is wonderland, and we’re going to have an EXCLUSIVE cover for owlcrate! i have a feeling i know what the book is, and i’m dying to read it!

sign up here to get your hands on the november wonderland owlcrate, and thanks for reading!


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