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top ten tuesday: contemporary authors

hey everyone! today i’ll be sharing some of my favorite authors who write contemporary, which is one of my favorite genres. i actually enjoy both contemporary and fantasy, for different reasons of course.

1. kasie west

my absolute FAVORITE contemporary author has to be kasie west! if you’ve been following me since september, you know that i’ve been addicted to her books, and i literally binge-read all of her books last month. her contemporary books are the epitome of short and sweet, and i would definitely recommend any of them!

as you can see, i read A LOT of kasie west last month!

2. susane colasanti

susane colasanti is another author i can count on for super cute yet emotional stories! her books never fail me, and i love rereading them.

3. jenny han

although i enjoyed jenny han’s summer trilogy, it isn’t the reason she’s on my list. i LOVE LOVE LOVE to all the boys i’ve loved before and p.s. i still like you, and they’re definitely some of my favorite books ever. they’re just so so cute and give me so many feels and i DEFINITELY recommend them!

4. morgan matson

morgan matson writes super captivating novels, and i love her characters and relationships, not just romance but also friendship! i’ve read all her books except the unexpected everything (which i’m dying to read).

5. jennifer e. smith

i fell in love with jennifer e. smith after reading this is what happy looks like (another one of my all time favorites)! i feel like her books each have some kind of twist, and i really enjoy reading them.

6. stephanie perkins

stephanie perkins’s anna and the french kiss trilogy is super popular, and for good reason. the characters in all three books are so cute, and i really enjoyed the series!

7. jennifer niven

while i’ve only read one of jennifer niven’s books, i absolutely loved all the bright places. i love the way it deals with mental disorders, and the relationship between the two characters is just so interesting.

8. jay asher

jay asher is also on this list only because of one bookβ€”thirteen reasons why. i read this book years ago and am still in love with it (i think i’m due for a reread soon). by reading it, i definitely can see a more complex side of suicide.

9. gayle forman

i really enjoyed both of gayle forman’s duologies (if i stay and just one day). if i stay in particular is so interesting, and i love the premise.

10. sarah dessen

sarah dessen is a bit of a hit or miss for me. i’ve read four (?) of her books and loved two, the others not so much. however, just listen is yet another of my favorite books of all time, and i also really enjoyed saint anything. i would definitely recommend just listen (which i should also reread soon!).

thanks for reading! who are your favorite contemporary authors?


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