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september owlcrate unboxing

hey everyone! it’s a little late, but i’ll be sharing my september owlcrate unboxing today.

this month’s theme was darkness, which is perfect for september since we’re finally getting into fall. also, i absolutely love the preview/spoiler cards for this month!

the first item is this super cool galaxy-ish bath bomb from da bomb. this choice was inspired by the fortune tellers of the raven cycle, which is definitely a pretty dark series. i’ve actually never tried a bath bomb before, so i’m super excited to use this!

the next item is this adorable candle from the melting library. the paper used for the label and the tiny quote is SO PRETTY; i’m in love! although i’m not a huge fan of super sweet smells, i can’t wait to start burning this candle!

this miss peregrine’s canvas pouch from out of print is so simple, but i love the way it looks! i haven’t read this series yet, but maybe i’ll get to it this year before the movie comes out.

this passport first look at p.c. cast’s new book, moon chosen, was also included. i really love the cover of the passport. like the pouch, it’s very simple but elegant.

here’s one of my favorite items from this box: an awesome six of crows inspired bookmark from evie bookish. this bookmark and book are both pretty dark but they are honestly so beautiful, and i would definitely recommend six of crows!

i also love this exclusive owlcrate pin! it’s so cute, and the design is so pretty.

i was pretty surprised to find this in the boxβ€”it’s the first episode of a YA fiction series. i haven’t read any serialized fiction before, so this should be interesting!

finally, the book! september’s book is three dark crowns by kendare black. the premise for this book sounds super interesting (also the cover is beautiful!) and i’m definitely excited to start reading this. the book also came with a map, letter, signed bookplate, and fortune teller, which is so cute.

if you’re subscribed to owlcrate, what was your favorite item this month? if not, you can subscribe here!

thanks for reading!


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