top ten tuesday

top ten tuesday: upcoming releases

hey everyone, today i’ll be sharing my ten most anticipated YA releases for the rest of 2016! i actually don’t usually keep up with book release dates, so i had to dig through a ton of lists to find 10 that i’m interested in. a lot of these are either part of series that i enjoyed or from authors that i like, so there are a lot of mainstream authors in the list. if you know any upcoming releases that aren’t super popular, i’d love to know!

1. strange the dreamer by laini taylor (september 27)

i’ve read and enjoyed laini taylor’s daughter of smoke and bone trilogy, so i’m definitely going to have to check this one out! the synopsis is super simple but definitely sounds interesting. also, is this cover stunning or what? 😍

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2. replica by lauren oliver (october 4)

okay, the main reason i’m interested in this book is because of the way it’s written. this book actually has two stories—if you flip the book around, you get a different story. this is just the coolest this EVER, and i’m so excited for this!

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3. holding up the universe by jennifer niven (october 4)

i’m excited for this book because i absolutely LOVED all the bright places, and i definitely want to read more of jennifer niven’s writing! hopefully this one will live up to my expectations haha.

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4. aerie by marie dahvana headley (october 4)

first off, this cover is BEAUTIFUL. i read magonia (the first book) earlier this year and didn’t know there would be a sequel, so i was pleasantly surprised when i found this! again, hopefully this one will meet my expectations.

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5. the midnight star by marie lu (october 11)

don’t think this one needs too much explanation—the young elites is such an amazing series, and i’m SO excited for the final book! i also loved marie lu’s legend trilogy, so i know she won’t disappoint me.

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6. what light by jay asher (october 11)

what light is another upcoming release i stumbled upon while looking through release lists. i loved jay asher’s thirteen years why (it’s one of my all time favorite books), so i’m hoping this one will be amazing as well!

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7. the sun is also a star by nicola yoon (october 31)

i really enjoyed everything, everything by nicola yoon, so i’m definitely going to have to check out the sun is also a star!

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8. heartless by marissa meyer (november 8)

this one is another obvious one; marissa meyer is one of my favorite authors, and i absolutely love the lunar chronicles. i love her writing style and especially her characters, so i’m excited to read heartless! i also haven’t read any alice in wonderland retellings, so this should be interesting…

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9. tales from the shadowhunter academy by cassandra clare, sarah rees brennan, maureen johnson, robin wasserman (november 15)

i’ve been dying to read tales from the shadowhunter academy for FOREVER. i’m so so psyched to get back into the shadowhunter world and read about some of my favorite characters again!

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10. scythe by neal shusterman (november 22)

last but not least, i saw this in one of twirling pages‘s videos and it sounded really interesting! i actually haven’t read anything by neal shusterman before, so i’m pretty excited to read this.

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and that concludes my top ten upcoming releases! which upcoming releases areyou most excited for?

thanks for reading!


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