the versatile blogger award

here’s something else new to my blog—a tag! thanks so much to once upon a bookshelf for tagging me for the versatile blogger award.


-show the award on your blog (image widget)

-thank the person who nominated you

-share 7 different facts about yourself

-nominate 15 blogs of your choice 

-link your nominees and let them know of your nomination (hyperlink)

7 facts about me

1. i absolutely LOVE boba/bubble milk tea, which is a drink made of sweetened milk and tea, usually with tapioca pearls. i once had boba every day for 5-6 days; it was terrible and amazing at the same time.

2. i hate most vegetables (yes, i know i’m unhealthy!) but i love fruit. my favorites are watermelon, canteloupe, pineapples, and strawberries.

3. going off of #2, i don’t have any food allergies, but i’m extremely picky. i won’t eat a lot of vegetables, including onions, celery, etc.

4. i write fiction. i do short stories, but i’m also working on a novel (which is taking FOREVER).

5. i’m eternally tired, so it makes almost no difference to me whether i sleep 7 hours or 5 hours. also, i can usually fall asleep within 5 minutes, and i always sleep through the night.

6. caffeine has no effect on me. i also only like certain types of caffeine. i don’t drink black coffee (i need milk/cream) or unsweetened tea.

7. i’m extremely clumsy, and i’ve fallen on the same spot on the same knee at least 5 times.


honestly, i don’t interact enough with people to tag 15 blogs, so… if you see this, YOU’RE TAGGED! i’d love to learn a little bit about you all, as well as discover some new blogs, so please tag me if you decide to do this!

hopefully you all learned a little bit about me, so i’d love to hear something about you—tell me in the comments!


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