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top ten tuesday: tbr

hey everyone! sooo as you can see, i’m trying something new. i wanted to add more to my blog besides reviews and unboxings, so i’m going to try to post a top ten list every tuesday, whether it’s my favorite books in a certain genre or my current tbr. this week will be the top ten books on my tbr list, so let’s get into it!

confession: i took a nap and then woke up too late, so most of the sunlight was already gone… as a result, my pictures are really dark so it’s hard to see some of the books 😦

but anyway, the first five books on my tbr (not in order) are:

1. six of crows (okay you can barely see this oops)

helen from a court of books recommended this to me, and i’ve been seeing it ALL OVER tumblr. i’ve read leigh bardugo’s other series (shadow and bone) and enjoyed it, so hopefully i’ll like six of crows just as much, if not more!

2. this savage song

victoria schwab (or v.e. schwab) has received sooo much praise for her books, and the two i’ve read are pretty amazing. this one has also received many positive reviews, and i was super excited to receive it in my owlcrate in july!

3. red queen

another book that’s received a lot of praise and hype, red queen has been on my tbr list for wayyy too long. also, my friend keeps bothering me about reading it, so i should get on that!

4. illuminae

okay, so i saw this book at costco months ago and thought it looked SO COOL, so of course i had to get it. i’ve heard a lot of praise about the way this is written, and i know amie kaufman can write some pretty awesome books (the starbound trilogy).

5. carry on

i’ve heard mixed reviews about carry on, but i loved fangirl so i thought it’d only be right to read carry on! i generally enjoy rainbow rowell’s books, and i’m hoping this won’t disappoint.

(again, sorry for the bad lighting)

6. a darker shade of magic

this one is pretty high up on my tbr, since i’ve been hearing about it FOREVER and i need to read it! also i just love the cover omg. a darker shade of magic will probably be one of my next reads…

7. the bone season

yet another super hyped book, but not without good reason, i’m sure. i don’t know if i’ll start this quite so soon, since i’ve heard that it’s going to be a long series. i do have the second book as well, though, and i am looking forward to getting to them.

8. lady midnight

if you didn’t know, cassandra clare is one of my favorite authors. i LOVE her mortal instruments and infernal devices series so so much, and i’m sure i’ll fall in love with the dark artifices too!

9. an ember in the ashes

again, super hyped. the same friend who recommended my red queen is also telling me to read this, so… hopefully that will happen soon.

10. the kiss of deception

i haven’t actually heard too much about this one, but the cover is super pretty and i know it’s popular!


okay, so i know this looks like i only read popular books, BUT i usually do end up liking books with a lot of hype. i mean, they’re popular for a reason, right? if you have recommendations for underrated books, i’d love to hear them!

i also realized while going through this list that they’re all fantasy/sci-fi, if i’m not mistaken. that was totally not intentionally, but i think i’m just leaning toward these genres because i’ve been reading only contemporary lately. maybe next week i’ll do a top ten tbr for contemporary books!

have you read any of these? what’s on your tbr?


5 thoughts on “top ten tuesday: tbr

  1. For the most part I only read popular books too, but I agree with you, they’re popular for a reason. Every now and then I’ll take a chance on an unknown book and I’ve found some gems, but I read too slowly myself to spend too much time not reading the books I really want to.

    Your list is amazing btw. All of these are on my tbr too. I’ve already ready Carry On and Lady Midnight and I loved both of them. They were one of my few 5 star reviews this year.

    Good luck on tackling the list and happy reading!


  2. A lot of these books displayed in your post are either a part of my TBR or I’ve actually read. While I do read a lot of popular books (and I mean a lot), at the same time, I try to read underrated books, because they have less of a chance of disappointing me! πŸ˜‰


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