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august wrap-up

another month has gone by, and school has started for me (i’m crying inside tbh).  here are my updates for this month!


this month, i finished and bought a decent number of books. however, most of the books i finished were from the library, so i can’t take pictures of them.

school’s been okay so far, so hopefully i’ll still have time to read. we’ll have to see, though…


where’d you go, bernadette (4/5)

the last boy and girl in the world (4/5)

vanishing girls (4.5/5)

a doll’s house (4/5)

the near witch (4.5/5)

ask the passengers (3.5/5)

the kite runner (4.5/5)

a great and terrible beauty (4.5/5)

the winner’s kiss (4.5/5)

grit (4.5/5)

my favorite book this month was definitely the winner’s kiss, and i can’t believe the series is over! the winner’s trilogy is so beautifully written with absolutely amazing characters, and i would highly recommend to you if you enjoy fantasy and dystopia!


this month i bought a few books from amazon, and they’re all poetry, interesting enough. this summer, i attended a creative writing camp where we learned about both prose/fiction and poetry, and i’m trying to read more poetry!

can’t wait to get started on these, as well as the book from this month’s owlcrate! you can see my full unboxing here!

next month

recently, i’ve been experimenting with different genres, so i’ll probably be reading some more nonfiction and poetry in september. i’m hoping that i’ll be able to read while keeping up with school. here’s to another awesome month!

thanks for reading!


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