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july owlcrate unboxing

hey guys! i know this is super late but today i’m unboxing july’s owlcrate. this month’s theme was good vs evil, and they sent out two different boxes with different items. i got an evil box, which was pretty cool!

here’s a picture of everything together, and then i’ll show each item by itself.

extra pic with fairy lights just because

first thing i opened was a harry potter funko pop! the evil boxes included either a dementor or draco (which i would have preferred), but i love the dementer as well! it’s cute in a creepy way, if that makes sense.

next up is an alice in wonderland magnetic bookmark from jane’s tiny things. i got the queen of hearts, while the good boxes had alice.

we also got a sticker designed by drop and give me nerdy. i love her designs, so this is awesome! the sticker in the evil box is inspired by illuminae (which i still need to read).

the book for this month was the savage song, which is awesome since i’ve been dying to read this! it came with a signed bookplate and letter from victoria schwab.

there was also a cool little coloring book with covers of different YA novels (including the savage song, of course).

i didn’t include a separate picture, but the  final item was a death star necklace from victor engravings. unfortunately, i’m not a fan of star wars, so i may end up giving it away.

if you like what you see here, you should definitely subscribe to owlcrate! i’m pretty satisfied with this month’s box, and i’m excited for august. next month’s theme is fast times at YA high—sign up while spots are available!

thanks for reading!


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