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july wrap-up

hey guys! i can’t believe july’s already over, it really flew by. a lot happened this month, so keep reading!


this month was definitely more eventful than others, and i was gone for most of it. i participated in a writing camp for three weeksโ€”yes, i write, for those who didn’t know! i’ve been working on a novel for a few years, but i also write short stories occasionally. during the camp, we read, wrote, and workshopped short stories and poems. i definitely feel like i learned a lot, and it was amazing meeting so many talented people who love writing.

for those who are interested, here’s my portfolio for the class. it contains two short stories and four poems, and i’ll warn you that the subject matters are pretty dark, especially for the stories. still, i’m proud of my work, and i hope you enjoy if you decide to read it!


because of the camp, i didn’t get much reading done. i only read two novels this month:

-red rising (4/5)

-their eyes were watching god (4/5)

this month was disappointing in terms of reading, but at least i got a lot of writing done!


i also bought a lot of books this month (oops). i ordered a lot from book outlet before i left, so i had a huge package waiting for me when i returned. i also ordered a few candles from the melting library, and i’m so excited to start burning them!

if you guys are located in usa/canada, i definitely recommend book outlet! they have a pretty decent selection of books at great prices and in awesome condition. my only issue is that shipping can get pricey if you order a lot of books.

i got three candles from the melting library: the night court, jem, and will. i love the labels of all the candles from the stores, and the scents are really nice! i do have to admit that i’m not the hugest fan of the jem candle, but i’m hoping that i’ll like it more when it’s actually burning.

i also received my owlcrate this month, and i’ll probably do an unboxing later this week!

next month

school starts early for me this year, so i only have two weeks left of summer. i hope i’ll be able to read a lot, since i won’t have as much work. i’ll also definitely be more active on social media now that i’m home, and i’ll continue to post book reviews!

thanks for reading! โค


4 thoughts on “july wrap-up

  1. This was such a nice haul! My True Love Gave to Me is such a cute, festive read. i hope that you got to it this season. And those candles! I was wondering how you liked the Jem one candle? I know you said in this post that you weren’t that fond of the scent when you got it, but has it grown on you since then? I’m only asking because Jem is my ultimate book crush and I’ve been considering to purchase one for myself. Thanks so much in advance!


    1. thank you! it’s been months and i still haven’t read my true love gave to me, oops. the jem candle definitely did grow on me, but it’s still not one of my favorites. i would recommend it if you like sweet scents though! (he’s also one of my favorite book boyfriends <3)


      1. Oh gosh, well that’s me most of the time as well. #bookwormproblems Ah, okay, thanks! I will probably get the Jem candle anyway just for decoration. Is the Will one nice? And do you have any candles from there that you love the smell of and would recommend? (Gosh, all these candle questions… sorry!)


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