spring break: new york (part 2)

hey guys, i’m back with part 2 of my spring break adventures! if you missed part 1, you can read all about my first few days in new york here.

day 5 – april 6

on this day, we decided to visit columbia university. we took a car up there and walked around for a bit. from what we saw, columbia’s campus seems so nice, and everything is really pretty.

i stopped in a small, cozy bookstore and browsed for a bit, but i didn’t buy anything.

we then walked through central park on our way to the guggenheim museum. the park was huge and super pretty! i wish we could have stayed longer and explored more.

the guggenheim was literally the coolest thing ever. not only is the outside beautiful, but the inside is set up in a really unique way. instead of stairs (although they have stairs as well), the whole museum is basically a ramp that goes in circles, so if you keep walking, you’ll get to the next “floor”.

after looking at everything, we headed to the met, although we didn’t stay long.

our next stop was bibble & sip, a cafe i heard about from facebook. i ordered matcha and earl grey cream puffs and a cup of lavender latte (i think). warning: the coffee will taste super bitter if you drink it after eating the cream puffs! however, everything was delicious.

our final stop of the night was times square. we just walked around and shopped a bit, but it looked really pretty at night.

of course, we had to stop for boba before returning to our hotel!

day 6 – april 7

we didn’t do much on day 6, but we shopped a bit and got some ice cream from momofuku milk bar.

day 7 – april 8

on day 7, we went to little soho and shopped a bit more. we also hit a bunch of small shops here and there in search of k-beauty products! we visited club clio, tonymoly, and the face shop, where i picked up some face masks and lipsticks.

along the way, we also got snacks from different places, including georgetown cupcake, spot dessert bar (yes, again), and caffe bene.

salted caramel cupcake
banana chouff from spot dessert bar
cinnamon toast from cafe benne

day 8 – april 9

on our last full day in new york, it rained again (unfortunately). we didn’t do much but got some good food!

first time at boba guys!
sesame bread
yuku eskimo from spot dessert bar (again!)

day 9 – april 10

we had to get up really early to catch our fligt back, so we didn’t really do anything. i did get some beautiful pictures from the plane, though!

this concludes my new york trip! i hope you had fun reading along; i certainly had fun writing these posts and reliving my trip. i hope i’ll be able to visit new york again soon, since it was such an amazing place.

thanks for reading, and i’ll be back soon with some reviews (finally)!


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