spring break: new york (part 1)

i’ve been meaning to make this post for so long, and since i just got out of school for summer break, i decided it was finally time to talk about spring break! warning: this is a long post (very picture-heavy), so sit back and enjoy! on second thought, i’ve decided to split this post into two parts, since it was just too long. i’ll talk about days 1-4 here, and then make another post for the rest!

for spring break this year, i traveled to new york with my mom for 8 days. we left on april 1 and arrived in new york the next morning.

day 1 – april 2

luckily, our hotel already had an empty room, so we took a quick nap before going out to explore the city!

view from our hotel
we first walked to chinatown to get some food (since my mom basically only eats chinese food).

after we ate, i got some boba milk tea from kung fu tea. if you didn’t know, i’m obsessed with milk tea! we then took a taxi to nyu and walked around a bit. we stayed in washington state park for a while, where a pillow fight was going on. we were a little confused, but also intrigued.

following the walking guide we got from the office, we turned onto a small passageway. this place was actually soo pretty!

finally, we found a street with a bunch of small houses.

one of my favorite pictures from new york!
after leaving the nyu campus, we headed onto fifth avenue. we stopped in a few stores and picked up a few things, including clothes and beauty products.

after walking for a few hours, we finally reached my most anticipated destination, aka muji! ever since i joined the studyblr community (you can find me as rand0mstudygirl), i’ve been dying to try out muji products. the store itself is super aesthetic, and i love how everything is set up. the products are decently priced, and everything is really nice quality!

after splurging on pens, pencils, and notebooks, we took a taxi back to our hotel. now i’m wishing i had bought more while i was there…


day 2 – april 3

on day 2, we decided to visit the empire state building! the view was beautiful, but we didn’t stay for long.

after leaving the empire state building, i visited the morgan library while my mom waited at starbucks. they had an audio tour that led you around the library, and there were a lot of beautiful pieces of art.

an interesting wire ceiling

i wandered around the library for a while, and then we headed over to circle line cruises for their landmark cruise, which passed by a bunch of major landmarks. we saw the statue of liberty and several bridges.

after the cruise, we wandered around a bit more, but it got dark pretty quickly. before returning to our hotel, we stopped for gelato. i have to say, this place has the BEST gelato i’ve ever tried! their salted caramel is literally to die for.


day 3 – april 4

on day 3, we went to the top of the rock at rockefeller center. although it was raining, the view from the top was amazing!

since the rain wasn’t letting up, we decided to visit moma, the museum of modern art.

look at this beautiful book light!!

starry night

the rain prevented us from doing much else, so we went back to our hotelβ€”but not before grabbing some boba!


day 4 – april 5

on day 4, we finally visited the strand! the strand was so beautiful, with three whole floors of books, books, and more books.

for lunch, we went to ippudo ny, where we shared a bowl of ramen and some pork buns.

then, we walked to spot dessert bar, which has absolutely amazing desserts. i got a chocolate green tea lava cake, which was delicious.

when we were full, we took a car to battery park, where we could board a ferry to the statue of liberty. tip: buy your tickets online if you can; the lines at the park are crazy!

although we didn’t stop at ellis island, we passed it on our way back.
funny story, i almost met up with my friend at the statue of liberty, but we missed each other by about an hour. after returning to manhattan, my mom wanted to walk around on wall street. we ended up going back to the hotel pretty early, and we got dinner nearby.

overall, the first few days of my new york trip were super exciting! i had some really amazing food, did lots of shopping, and visited new places. anyway, i’ll end this post here, because it’s getting pretty long. thanks for reading, and stay posted for part 2! πŸ™‚


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