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may owlcrate unboxing 

hey guys! may’s owlcrate theme was steampunk, a genre i don’t usually read. however, i absolutely loved this month’s box! ready to see what’s inside? keep reading…

i always get so excited when i’m opening subscription boxes, haha

first off: a super pretty clockwork angel ring from sparks emporium.

next: this beautiful clockwork pin from elope 😍 there were five different designs, and they all look amazing!

some super cool nail wraps from espionage cosmetics! i used to love painting my nails but haven’t had much time lately, so these are awesome!

an absolutely beautiful key necklace from crystal compass designs! i am so in love with this necklace ❤️ 

a peter pan art print, which i was confused about until i read the synopsis for the book.

finally, here’s the book! everland by wendy spinale is a steampunk retelling of peter pan, with disease, airships, and marauders. only children live in london—everyone else has died. when gwen darling’s sister is taken captive, gwen teams up with pete, bella, and some lost boys to rescue her sister from captain hook.

this sounds so interesting, and the cover is absolutely gorgeous. hopefully i’ll get to this soon, since it sounds like something i’d really enjoy.

the book also came with a letter from wendy spinale and some temporary tattos!

here’s a picture of everything together. again, i’m so in love with this month’s owlcrate, and i can’t wait for june’s, which will be royalty-themed. if you’re interested, sign up here!

thanks for reading!


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