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spring book haul

hey everyone! over the last few months, i’ve collected a bunch of books from various people/places. since i don’t think i’ve posted a book haul for a while, i decided to show you all what i got!


i got a few books for my birthday this year. these are all books on my tbr, and i’m super excited to read all of them! (i know i’m really behind on reading, oops.)

if you read my giveaway post, you already know that i accidentally got two copies of passenger, so i’m giving one away! enter here, US only (sorry!).


while i was in new york, i visited the strand (which was BEAUTIFUL) and a few other small bookstores, where i picked these up. again, most of these have been on my tbr for a while, so i’m excited to read them!


so this month i kind of bought a lot of books online (amazon and book outlet) to “celebrate” the end of ap testingβ€”but really, just for the heck of it.

i’ve actually read the distance between us and a court of thorns and roses, but i wanted the physical copies for my collection. i had been DYING to read a court of mist and fury, and it was about as amazing as i had expected! hopefully i’ll be able to post a review on that…soon… (yes i realize that i am terribly behind on book reviews)

finally, my book outlet order. i LOVE book outlet because you get books in almost perfect condition for amazing prices. i picked up snow like ashes for my collection, and i also bought half bad (which i’ve been wanting to read for a while). the last four books i picked up are the first four volumes of your lie in april (by the way, the anime is amazing).

altogether, i bought/received 18 books (possibly more, i probably left out a few) in the last three months. i’m really happy with my purchases, and i REALLY need to finish reading them!

what’s the last book you bought?


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