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bookly box april unboxing

hey guys! again, this is super late, but now that i’m done with ap testing, i’ll definitely be catching up with reviews and everything (i’ll probably be posting more often). i think i mentioned this in a previous post, but i’ve still been feeling kind of frustrated at the lack of…exposure, i guess. i see people with thousands and thousands of followers on tumblr and instagram, and it’s just a little discouraging since i’m so far from where i want to be. it’s not exactly that i’m concerned about the follower counts themselves; i just wish more people were looking at what i’m doing, as i feel like i’m just shouting into the void.

anyway, don’t forget to check out my giveaway! i’m giving away a brand new copy of passenger by alexandra bracken. the only rules are that you must be following my tumblr, and you have to live in the u.s. so i can ship it to you (unless you’re willing to cover international shipping).

onto the unboxing, since that’s what you’re all actually here for β€” just ignore my rambling.

this was my second month with bookly box. the first month, i received a young adult box, but i switched to fantasy for this month.

to be honest, bookly box isn’t extraordinary. the things that come into the box aren’t really special. however, i do like that they let you pick a genre (they have 9 different ones to choose from). the best part about bookly box is that they donate a box for every box purchased! if you’re interested in supporting or just learning more about their program, you can do so here!

this month’s fantasy book was tourmaline by james brogden. tourmaline is about an alternate world of dreams. while people in the normal world sleep, they explore the dream world like ghosts. however, they can accidentally bring souls from the dream world into the real world, leaving the dream souls confused and lost. they are persecuted by something called the hegemony, which wants to enslave the exiles. tourmaline follows the story of a woman who exists in both worlds as she runs for her life.

tourmaline definitely has a unique premise, and it’s something that i’m actually looking forward to reading. although i do enjoy receiving my bookly box every month, i’m going to cancel my subscription (for now), since it just doesn’t fit into my budget. the price is a little steep ($19.99 plus shipping) for only a book, two tea sachets, some sticky tabs, and a bookmark, but i understand that donating a whole box isn’t cheap.

overall, i am satisfied with my experience with bookly box, and i would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a simple and customizable subscription box, since you can choose any genre you like.


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