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april owlcrate unboxing

i’m so behind on everything, oops! it’s already may and i haven’t posted the april owlcrate yet (not to mention the april bookly box).

i do have some good news, though! now that i’m done with ap testing, i’ll (hopefully) have more time to work on blog posts. i still have that spring break/vacation post to do… that’ll hopefully appear in about a week; book reviews will have to wait.

onto the contents of this month’s (or last month) owlcrate! this time i actually took pictures of each unboxing “step”, so it’ll be like you guys are experiencing it with me!

i’m always so, so excited when i find the owlcrate box outside my door!

here’s the first item: a mockingjay inspired bracelet by the geeky cauldron! although this is pretty, this isn’t the time of jewelry i normally wear. however, i’ll definitely be using it for photography and the such. 

here’s a BEAUTIFUL coaster designed by evie bookish. the quote is from shatter me!

here’s a simple notebook by manuscript, inspired by the UK edition of 1984.

next: a magnet from half blood prints. i love gow minimalist this is!

here’s a super wicked decal (see what i did there? no? okay, just ignore me.) by shailey ann designs. i’m not sure where i’ll put this, but i love the design!

the last item (besides the book) was this gorgeous print inspired by the star-touched queen!

okay, now for the book…


…flawed by cecelia ahern! first of all, can we just take a moment to admire the cover? i love this so much šŸ˜

flawed is about a world in which everything and everyone is basically perfect, and obedience is insanely important. if someone breaks a rule, he will lose all his rights and become “flawed”. celestine, the main character, is living the perfect life until she makes a decision that risks everything…

the synopsis sounds really interesting, and the concept is definitely really unique! hopefully i’ll get to this book sooner or later.

overall, this month was a pretty good box, but some of the extras weren’t exactly what i was hoping for. i did really love the shatter me coaster, but the others weren’t amazing. however, i’m looking forward to may’s steampunk box. you can sign up here!


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