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bookly box march unboxing

yes, i know, this is SUPER SUPER late, but i’ve been really busy (and also unmotivated) recently. i will definitely try to post more often, and i have a lot of posts that i’m planning. after this unboxing, i’ll be catching up with book reviews, and then i have a special post that i want to do about my spring break! i’ll be posting a bunch of pictures of my trip, and i’m really excited to share my experience with you all! …and then it’ll be time for unboxings again, haha. so hopefully i’ll be able to keep on top of things this time, and let’s get onto the unboxing!

for march, i got bookly box’s young adult box. i love that you can pick your own genre (they have nine different ones), and there’s a book for everyone. by the way, this is my first bookly box, so i was super excited to receive it! here’s what came in the box:

this month’s (well, march) book is the girl who just appeared by jonathan harvey. i love the design of this book; it’s so different from book covers you see.

i also received a card and a bookmark with quotes. book are very simple but pretty!

one thing that really interested me about bookly box is that they send you teas with your book! the flavors i got are green ginger and sweet cinnamon spice. i don’t usually drink tea, but i’m eager to try these out.

last but not least, i got these really nice sticky tabs. there are five different colors, which is awesome if you like color coding.

overall, bookly box is a really nice subscription box, although it’s a little pricey for what’s inside. however, they do donate one box for every box purchased, which is seriously amazing. if you like what you see, you can subscribe here!

what’s your favorite subscription box?


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