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january owlcrate


yes, this is a picture of the owlcrate box with owl necklaces!

i’ve been subscribed to owlcrate for three months now, and i’m still absolutely LOVING it! this is kind of a late post, but that means no one will be spoiled, so that’s good.

here’s what was in this month’s box:

-harry potter pop funko! i got snape, which is a little painful.

-patronus lip balm from geek fire labs.

-the raven cycle bookmark and throne of glass print by evie bookish. i’m honestly in love with these, especially the throne of glass one!

-worlds of ink and shadow by lena coakley, along with a letter from the author and a paper doll kit! according to owlcrate, it’s a “fantasy retelling based on the lives of the beloved BrontΓ« siblings, and the various magical stories they created in their youth. With the ability to literally escape into their fictional creations, their imaginations take on a life of their own.” although this book isn’t what i usually read, it definitely sounds interesting, and i’m excited to read it (which, unfortunately, won’t be for a while).

everything in the box is absolutely beautiful. if you’re not already subscribed to owlcrate, do so here!

thanks for reading!


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