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book haul!

one thing you should know about me: i spend WAY too much money on books. and i absolutely can’t resist sales!

so i ordered two books from amazon and about twelve books from bookoutlet (they were having an awesome sale, okay?!), and my amazon order arrived first.

let me just say that these books are absolutely gorgeous! 


and here’s my bookoutlet order: 


most of these are books i haven’t read, but a few are just books i’m collecting. either way, i’m in love with almost all of these covers!

have you guys read any of these? what did you think?


8 thoughts on “book haul!

  1. The Starbound Trilogy books are so gorgeous. I’ve never read them but I want to just because I want to own them. haha I haven’t read any of these. I have the Jenny Han books but they’re still tbr.

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    1. you have to read the starbound trilogy! i have yet to read the third book, but i love the series so much. if you like sci-fi and romance, you’ll definitely love them!
      if you’re referring to burn for burn, READ THEM. those books really blew me away; i wasn’t expecting much at first, but they were amazing. if you’re talking about to all the boys i loved before, that’s actually also one of my favorite books! the summer trilogy is good too, but the others are just so much better in my opinion.

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      1. I only have the Burn for Burn books. I found the first two super cheap at my local bookstore. I’m going to read them first before I invest more. haha I don’t mind romance if it’s just an element but I don’t like full-on romance novels, but I do love sci-fi, so we’ll see. =)

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